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Redbird Scholar spring 2016 textless shows male athlete holding a basetball bat across his shoulders
Shoulder guy: ISU’s shoulder expert is a hit with Major League Baseball.

Volume 1 • Number 2 • Spring 2016

Athlete holding bat

ISU’s ‘shoulder guy’ finds second home in major leagues

Illinois State shoulder expert Kevin Laudner is a hit with Major League Baseball.

magnetism sketch

Magneto man: Professor helps solve animal migration mystery

Illinois State Professor Andres Vidal-Gadea led a research team that won the race to be the first laboratory to find the receptor in the brain that helps animals use the planet’s magnetic field to navigate.

Students working at desk

Digital mapping unlocks students’ STEM knowledge

A team of Illinois State researchers is conducting an innovative project in elementary schools to determine whether digital mapping can help students improve their spatial thinking skills.

Michael Gizzi, Jamie Wieland, and Christopher Mulligan

Solving the crime lab conundrum: Technology could bring lab to crime scene

When Illinois State Chemistry Professor Christopher Mulligan hears someone say it’ll be a week or two before test results come back from some faraway laboratory, unlike most people, he goes beyond just asking the hard question, “Why?”

Jan Susina

Q&A with Jan Susina: Secrets and origins of famous children’s books

Illinois State English Professor Jan Susina reveals the secrets and origins of famous children’s books.

Peter Brabant

Prestigious NIH fellowship helps student fight Asian mosquito invasion

Thirty years after Asian tiger mosquitos first arrived in the United States, Illinois State doctoral student Peter Brabant is working to stop their spread.

Stacy Mowry

Video: Research (and some B.E.E.R.) fuels ISU’s biomath program

One day last fall, Stacy Mowry, M.S. ’15, stood in front of the best and brightest minds in her chosen field—biomathematics—and talked about her own research into baffling behavior seen in mongooses.

Interim SoTL Chair Kathleen McKinney head shot

Research center spotlight: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Each issue we will be using this space to shine a spotlight on a different research center at Illinois State University. First up is the Office of the Cross Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).


Ask a Redbird Scholar: What other species show up in human genome?

I understand that nearly everyone has Neanderthal DNA, but are there other traces of species of early humans that are found in the human genome?

water tap

Ask a Redbird Scholar: How safe is Bloomington-Normal’s drinking water?

How does the drinking water in Bloomington-Normal compare to other cities in the United States?

andres vidal gadea

Ask a Redbird Scholar: Why do we laugh and cry?

Why do people cry when they’re sad? Laugh when they’re happy?

squirrel outside

Ask a Redbird Scholar: What’s up with squirrels and cars?

Illinois State Biology Professor Rebekka Gougis explains why squirrels act the way they do when a car approaches.

Artwork by Melissa Oresky

Redbird media: New works by ISU scholars

Redbird Scholars published novels, math books, textbooks, and other works in 2015.