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Redbird Scholar Spring 2020 textless showing Professor Dr. Roy Magnuson
Virtual Beethoven: Composer Roy Magnuson’s new virtual reality software lets everyone from the expert to the novice create new musical worlds.

Volume 5 • Number 2 • Spring 2020

Man wearing virtual reality goggles.

Virtual composer: Professor creates new musical worlds with solsticeVR

Assistant Professor Roy Magnuson discusses his new virtual reality music composition software, solsticeVR.

Woman leaning against wall

New mosaic: Professor Venus Evans-Winters’ new book examines black women’s role in the qualitative research process

Professor Venus Evans-Winters pieces together the identities and experiences of black women to offer a more ethical, authentic way to share their lives. 

Man smiling at camera.

Study in dark: Philosopher explores dark side of humanity in Great Courses

Philosophy Professor Daniel Breyer of Illinois State is among the 1 percent of the world’s college faculty to be invited to teach for The Great Courses series.

headshot of Dr. Miltonette Craig

The Q&A with Miltonette Craig: Researcher takes deep dive into racial bias in policing

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Sciences Miltonette Craig takes a deep dive into racial bias in policing.

Student and professor studying ankle braces.

Ankle injury leads student to long-running research project

Mohammed Zaman’s former injury led to a long-running research project with Assistant Professor Adam Jagodinsky of the School of Kinesiology and Recreation.

Rosario Marroquin-Flores, a doctoral student in the School of Biological Sciences, started a local chapter of SACNAS to help further the careers and development of student researchers.

New RSO SACNAS offers support for student researchers

A new organization at Illinois State University is helping student researchers prepare for their careers and promote their scholarship.

Mallorie Latora

Graduate School recognizes inaugural GradBird Scholar

School of Communication student Mallorie Latora was chosen as the inaugural GradBird Scholar for her research examining how newspapers are covering the opioid abuse crisis.

Professor writing on board.

Research Spotlight: Center for Collaborative Studies in Mathematical Biology

Professor of Mathematics Olcay Akman discusses how Illinois State has become an internationally renowned center for biomathematics research.

Milner Library building with College Avenue bridge

Redbird media: Redbird Scholars’ latest books and recordings

Here are the latest books and music recordings from our Redbird Scholars.