Presentation of Center of Academic Excellence award

ISU’s cybersecurity education center receives national Academic Excellence award

Doug Twitchell, associate professor in the School of Information Technology and director of the Center for Information Assurance and Security Education (CIASE), and Mary Elaine Califf, director of...
image of Doug Twicthell

Reactions: Silk Road bust proves you can’t fix stupid

A joint sting operation by the U.S. and Europol shut down websites being used for illegal drugs and weapons sales. The massive operation shut down more than 400 sites, including Silk Road 2.0....
Doug Twitchell Office Hours

IT professor: New cards could stop big retail data breaches

In STATEside’s latest edition of Office Hours, Doug Twitchell, an associate professor of information technology, talks about the chip and pin system, and why it may hold the answers.