Walk with Wellness on April 3 and earn a free sandwich

Walking event photo booth participants

Lace up your sneakers and walk with Health Promotion and Wellness, the American Heart Association Greater Illinois, and others at noon Wednesday, April 3, on the Quad to celebrate Move More Month. The first 100 walkers to complete a loop of the Quad will earn a free sandwich!

DASH your way to heart health

Reggie gets his blood pressure checked at National Walking Day

Just like any muscle, the heart can be strong, weak, or overworked under certain circumstances. If a disease or injury weakens or overworks your heart, you will not move blood throughout the body very efficiently.

Janet Caldwell’s intention toward wellness

SEVEN dimensions of wellness

Janet Caldwell joined Illinois State University (ISU) in 2004 as an academic advisor in the Department of Special Education while still working on her doctorate. Caldwell loved her new advising position, but sitting at a desk for the majority of the day was different for her. Caldwell was in a teaching role prior to coming