LEAP staffers in the Big Room

Long hours, big payoff for staffers working on LEAPForward

The long hours have created a whatever-it-takes camaraderie on the LEAPForward team, especially among those who work at LEAP’s headquarters inside the Professional Development Building.
ISU employee at computer

iPeople upgrade in progress

Read how iPeople is changing, what this means to you, and see recent retirements from the Division of Finance and Planning.
President Larry Dietz speaks to LEAPForward team members

Technology Updates: LEAPForward moves to implementation

Read about LEAPForward meeting milestones, AT's best practice initiatives, and view the AT Annual Report.
Matthew Helm speaks at a meeting

Town hall meeting for LEAPForward, June 13

Join the LEAPForward team for the next town hall meeting from 10 a.m. to noon Friday, June 13, in the State Farm Hall of Busi­ness Caterpillar Auditorium.
LEAPForward selects SIS logo

Introducing Illinois State’s new student information system

LEAPForward is pleased to announce the selection of Oracle's PeopleSoft Campus Solutions as the new Illinois State University student information system.

3 things to know about the LEAPForward Initiative

The campuswide LEAPForward Initiative continues to progress in creating the next-generation academic information environment for Illinois State University.
LEAPForward leaders pose in their office

Big need for Big Data powers LEAPForward tech project

The multiyear LEAPForward initiative is Illinois State University's largest step yet into the emerging world of Big Data.
LEAPForward town hall meeting

LEAPForward Initiative to help ISU keep competitive edge

Progress continues on a major campuswide initiative to create the next-generation academic information infrastructure for Illinois State University.