Students on quad

Week of January 27: Helping Students Find Help, ReggieNet, and Accessibility

As teachers, we're often the first to encounter questions or issues related to a student’s well-being. There's a lot of help across the Illinois State University campus for students. But we may...
students looking up

Week of January 20: Clickers, Prezi, and ‘Learn From My Mistakes’

It may be a shorter work week because of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday observance, but at the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, it will also be a busy one. From our popular...
Faculty at CTLT course

Registration open: Spring 2014 Technology Short Courses

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology is pleased to once again offer a wide variety of technology-oriented workshops for faculty and staff.
An Illinois State teacher candidate engages students in a literacy lesson.

An assessment worthy of the profession

Amee Adkins returned to COE with a renewed focus on engaging faculty in discussion about licensure and assessment. Her efforts took off in 2009, as Illinois State was approached to be the lead...
a typical smartphone

CTLT event to focus on smartphones in the classroom, November 11

Every instructor has experienced it—distracting noises and disengaged students, all thanks to smartphones and other portable digital devices. Some instructors see this technology as a modern...
CTLT's Pinterest Page

Educators can find tips, resources on CTLT’s new Pinterest page

Ever find yourself wondering, what exactly it is students are doing on Pinterest? It’s just a Web page filled with pictures of things they like, right? Well, to some extent yes, we do appreciate...
Fall on the Quad

Week of October 21: Micro Workshops, SoftChalk, Photoshop Basics

Now's a perfect time to take a stroll across the Quad and over to the ITDC Building, home of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology.

Getting My Groove On

It happened this past week.  Standing in front of a class full of sophomores and juniors, I cracked myself up with a pop-culture reference.  They just stared at me.  Talk about awkward...

Importance of Prior Knowledge to Learning

The instructor’s work of facilitating students’ learning never ends. In order to facilitate learning, one of the fundamental principles instructors employ is understanding students’ prior...

Students’ Motivation and Learning

Each semester instructors spend many hours preparing their courses with the expectation or hope that students will experience significant learning outcomes in their classes. The sad fact is that...