Faculty at CTLT course

Registration open: Spring 2014 Technology Short Courses

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology is pleased to once again offer a wide variety of technology-oriented workshops for faculty and staff.
CTLT's Pinterest Page

Educators can find tips, resources on CTLT’s new Pinterest page

Ever find yourself wondering, what exactly it is students are doing on Pinterest? It’s just a Web page filled with pictures of things they like, right? Well, to some extent yes, we do appreciate...
Fall on the Quad

Week of October 21: Micro Workshops, SoftChalk, Photoshop Basics

Now's a perfect time to take a stroll across the Quad and over to the ITDC Building, home of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology.

Talkin’ ’bout online teaching & learning — with lunch!

It isn’t always easy to make time for professional development – trust me, I know.  But it is one of those activities that – when I make the time for it – really does re-energize me and...

Is it Blended or is it Hybrid?

Or is it just a matter of semantics? The short answer is that for all practical purposes, when people refer to hybrid or blended courses (or learning), they are typically talking about the same...

Online Professional Development. Should they be required?

 A study by Allen and Seaman on Online Education in the United States in 2008 reported that enrollment in online courses is growing at a faster rate than in traditional face-to-face settings....