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Clean your browser cache to experience upgraded ReggieNet

When the July 26 upgrade to ReggieNet is complete, users may want to clear their browser cache to ensure the best performance.
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Testing continues ahead of the July 26 ReggieNet upgrade

Students and instructors should plan for ReggieNet to be offline for most of the day, as improvements and new features are installed.
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Share your opinions about ReggieNet

Surveys about Illinois State's customized learning management system are available now for instructors and students.
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Week of February 5: Web-enhance your course, Camtasia, OneDrive

Learn to create compelling media for your students with several workshops offered this week at CTLT!
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Get ready to teach with the new ReggieNet Gradebook

CTLT will offer special walk-in clinics on ReggieNet's new Gradebook tool as part of Faculty Prep Week, August 14-18.
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Week of August 7: ReggieNet Gradebook, Formstack, OUCampus

Workshops this week focus on web-related tools like Formstack, OUCampus, and Illinois State's news article system.
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Week of July 24: Stress in Academia, Classroom Collaboration, ReggieNet

Learn to manage the stress of life in the academy, explore a new collaborative learning space on campus, get an introduction to ReggieNet-- just some of the workshops available this week at CTLT!
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Tell us what you think about ReggieNet

Students and faculty members have until May 19 to share their opinions about ReggieNet.
Laptop with ReggieNet on screen

Let’s Talk Teaching: ReggieNet’s new features

New and improved options for teaching come to ReggieNet after its spring break upgrade.
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A clean browser cache can help with ReggieNet issues

Sweeping out your browser's old data ensures that you're properly loading ReggieNet after its recent upgrade.