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Series assists international Redbirds with career success

International students gain tips for how to be competitive and successful in the United States job market.
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Hire-A-Redbird provides online resources for career success

With virtual resources in high demand, Hire-A-Redbird actively assists students and alumni with their career development and professional readiness, whether on or off campus.

Agriculture students engaged in a virtual professional development experience

In a time when so many events are being delayed or simply canceled, some Department of Agriculture students were able to take part in an annual event for food and agricultural students from across...
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Stevenson Center alum shares career experience

The Stevenson Center's interdisciplinary, applied curriculum informs the work Michael Hotard '09 does today as senior program manager at the Stanford Immigration Policy Lab.
Graduates from the Freeman family include, from left, Tracy, Danielle, Matt, Natalie, Dave, Vickie, and Greg.

Redbird Legacy: Three generations of Redbirds

hose who founded ISU’s sorority and fraternity community more than 50 years ago would be proud of the 2,500 affiliated students today, as they find meaningful ways to live their organization’s...
Marla Lowenthal

Thanks to you: Marla Lowenthal ’73

Marla Lowenthal ’73 has traveled the world, taught U.S. military members living abroad in Europe, and holds four advanced degrees.
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Pause for Applause

Please join us in applauding these Illinois State University alumni.
Pelletier and Chicago office window.

Prescribed intervention

Mark Pelletier anticipated a rewarding career helping others in health care when he left Mennonite College of Nursing as one of few male graduates in 1981.
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Fulfilling a dream

When Sandra Torres '06 was 13 and spoke no English, her family packed up their life in their native Colombia and immigrated to the Chicago area for new opportunities.

Share your career success

Have you recently accepted an internship, a job, or graduate school? Let your fellow Redbirds know about it!