Spiritual wellness in a new year

The start of each new year usually brings a fresh desire to try something new, stay consistent with a habit, or resolve to do something differently.
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Multicultural Outreach Team’s spring 2021 student programming

The Multicultural Outreach Team (MCOT) in Student Counseling Services is excited to announce a series of three workshops we will be offering virtually to students during the Spring 2021 semester:...
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The price of the muscular ideal

When masculinity emphasizes a warped ideal of the male body and relates it to these attributes, that’s what we call the muscular ideal, problematic in the sense that it is unattainable.
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MCOT News: Meeting the mental health needs of indigenous students

The struggles faced by indigenous peoples are often framed as “problems of the past,” meaning that very few Americans know anything about the struggles faced by today’s indigenous peoples.
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NaNoWriMo, pandemic style: writing as self-care

With all that has gone on in 2020, taking care of ourselves is paramount. Learn how creative writing can benefit your wellness and learn about Milner's creative writing contest.

Healthy body image during COVID-19

Struggles and conflict with body image is just one of the ways COVID-19 has affected individuals.
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MCOT: White fragility

What exactly is “white fragility”?

MCOT News: Meeting the mental health needs of Asian students

It is more important than ever that counseling services are equipped to meet the mental health needs of Asian students in a culturally sensitive approach that works to eliminate the negative...

Healthy body image concerns and resources during COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all of our lives, bringing about new challenges to everyone, specifically, those suffering with eating disorders and body image issues
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Meeting the mental health needs of Black students

With this double-edged sword of identity duality also comes substantial health-related implications – which suggest that the promotion of mental health care for African-Americans is a matter of...