Zack Fortsch ’83 leads the way for future accounting professionals

Zack Fortsch '83

Zack Fortsch ’83 is a member of the College of Business Hall of Fame and a tax partner at RSM US LLP (“RSM”), the fifth largest audit, tax, and consulting firm in the United States. Through gifts, commitments, and matching gifts, Fortsch has been responsible for more than $200,000 in donations to the University. Fortsch’s scholarship, the William A. Fortsch Accounting Scholarship provides multi-year scholarships for accounting students. Fortsch’s firm, RSM, has also been a strong supporter of Illinois State students and faculty.

Rising to the challenge

A man and woman smiling for a picture.

When Mike Essington ’81 transferred to Illinois State in 1979, he was interested in a new major called computer science. Since personal computers weren’t around, students created and stored data on paper punch cards.

College of Business: A long history of success

State Farm Hall of Business

Illinois State University’s College of Business has a long history of success and looking back over the past year, it is clear to see that once again Redbirds have much to celebrate.