hand with the colors of the transgender flag painted on the palm

Barriers to health care for transgender individuals 

An inability to access health care can be dangerous-both physically and mentally. For those who identify as transgender, even the idea of seeking care can be stifled by fear of prejudice.
Dr. Diane Zosky

Dean delivers Spring 2020 Address

Interim Dean Dr. Diane Zosky emphasizes that the important work being conducted across the College of Arts and Sciences continues in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented effects.
Person at laptop

Simucase helps students obtain clinical clock hours during COVID-19 shutdown

Simucase has allowed graduate students in Communication Sciences and Disorders to continue earning clinical clock hours even though the university clinic and some off-campus sites have closed.
Picture of Dr. Bradley

Dr. Samuel Bradley, Jr. discusses diversity, equity, and inclusion with Au.D. students

Audiology doctoral students recently welcomed Dr. Samuel Bradley, assistant professor of Macro Practice in Boston College’s School of Social Work, to their amplification selection and fitting...
Student and Dr. Lisa Szczepura

March 19 CAS Lecture canceled, alternate date to be announced

The Spring College of Arts and Sciences Lecture, which was originally scheduled to be delivered by Dr. Lisa Szczepura on March 19, has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date.
Picture of tongue-tie

Can Facebook tell you if your baby has a tongue-tie?

Dr. Jamie Smith is investigating an increasingly widespread phenomenon: What happens when mothers use social media to help them figure out whether their babies are tongue-tied?

Bike repair workshop offered, March 3

Get your bike in shape for the spring by joining Dijon Duncan and Dr. Ela Przybylo at this women and nonbinary event!
Illinois State students at ISHA conference.

Illinois State at the 2020 ISHA Convention

Members of the CSD department also represented Illinois State University in many different ways.

Interprofessional practice in the speech-language pathology program at Illinois State University

Clinical educators in the speech-language pathology graduate program at Illinois State University frequently collaborate with other campus and community professionals.
Four people smiling at a laptop

Communication Designs: Multipopulation cognitive stimulation and training program

This article discusses the multicomponent, multipopulation cognitive intervention clinical research program offered by the Neurologic Communication Disorders and Cognitive Wellness Lab at Illinois...