WZND Wins BEA Signature Station Award…Again

With immense pride, our very own WZND Fuzed Radio Station took home the gold, and secured the title, “Radio National Signature Station,” for the remainder of 2021. This is not the first time WZND has won this very award. Previously, in 2018, they earned the very same title.

COM Week gone virtual for 2021

For 40 consecutive years, COM Week has been organized and executed by the School of Communication. Last year COVID-19 caused the cancelling the week-long event. This year, the annual event was held online, specifically on Zoom.

Alumnus Michael Durr’s career path to publication leadership

Picture this: you get a phone call from your boss inviting you on a trip to Antarctica, where you, a photographer, writer, and videographer, will have the opportunity of a lifetime. Getting to travel to Antarctica is just one of the many amazing things Illinois State University alumni, Michael Durr, has had the chance to

COM majors advance in their careers working for ISU

Fell Hall

The thought of finding a career after graduation can seem intimidating to most undergraduates as their time in college dwindles down. Resume building, interviews, salaries, and, of course, the location of where you will end up all matter so much.

The Extending Empathy Project helps others during this difficult time in history

Illinois State University’s Department of Psychology and School of Communication are proud to showcase their new take to helping the community of ISU become more educated and have a better understanding of social, racial, and economical adversity today. They call it, “The Extending Empathy Project: On the Way to Tulsa.”