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Barriers to health care for transgender individuals 

An inability to access health care can be dangerous-both physically and mentally. For those who identify as transgender, even the idea of seeking care can be stifled by fear of prejudice.
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Simucase helps students obtain clinical clock hours during COVID-19 shutdown

Simucase has allowed graduate students in Communication Sciences and Disorders to continue earning clinical clock hours even though the university clinic and some off-campus sites have closed.

Interprofessional practice in the speech-language pathology program at Illinois State University

Clinical educators in the speech-language pathology graduate program at Illinois State University frequently collaborate with other campus and community professionals.
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Communication Designs: Multipopulation cognitive stimulation and training program

This article discusses the multicomponent, multipopulation cognitive intervention clinical research program offered by the Neurologic Communication Disorders and Cognitive Wellness Lab at Illinois...
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#GoldenTweets: Cognitive social media training program

This article discusses a cognitive social media training program offered by the Neurologic Communication Disorders and Cognitive Wellness Lab at Illinois State University’s Department of...
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CSD lab team attends professional voice conference

Fall Voice is a professional conference that brings a range of voice specialists together including speech-language pathologists, physicians, voice scientists, and voice teachers.
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Outreach activity for Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic

Staff and students used this outreach opportunity to share information and answer questions about speech-language and audiology services provided at Illinois State University.

Spreading the word about International Stuttering Awareness Day

People who stutter can face shame about their speaking, and building awareness can work to help de-stigmatize stuttering.
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Cochlear implant program at Illinois State University

In the spring 2019 semester, graduate students in the Au.D. program at the Illinois State University Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing clinic began to see cochlear implant patients on campus..
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CSD professor receives Scholarship of Teaching and Learning grant

SoTL grant award to fund project featuring speech-language pathology students and patients with swallowing disorders.