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Sneak preview of Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm marks launch of Food Studies program

Illinois State University’s new Food Studies program is hosting a sneak preview of the documentary Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm on September 25. Following the preview, there will be a...
Donors Fred and Nancy Lutgens

Alums fund field experiences for geography students

In honor of Nancy Lutgen's late father, the Lutgens family gave $45,000 in cash and matching gifts to help establish the James and Lucy Patterson Family Geography Field Trip Endowment to encourage...
image of arctic ice from DepositPhotos

Loss of Arctic sea ice may mean more heat waves in the United States

A new study led by Dagmar Budikova finds a link between declining sea ice coverage in parts of the Canadian Arctic and an increasing incidence of summer heat waves across the southern United States.

The path more taken: Footpaths reflect the will and needs of a neighborhood

Footpaths are more than foot traffic—they can reflect the needs of an area, and inform city planners.
boat on lake shore

Watershed moment: Scholar’s studies on lakes worldwide sound environmental alarm

Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist Catherine O'Reilly has been leading international research teams that have discovered climate change has been warming lakes worldwide, threatening the fish and...

Main Street College to explore canine behavior, behavioral psychology

“Going to the Dogs: How our furry friends help us better understand human behavior” is the title of the spring Main Street College event scheduled for March 27.
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Seeing the tapestry of history with GIS

With the help of a College of Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Grant, Kathryn Jasper teamed up with John Kostelnick to help students integrate geographic information systems into their research.
Series of flags from Latin American countries

Extracting natural resources: International scholars to examine impact in Latin America

The series, titled Natural Resource Extraction in Latin America: Society, Environment, and Politics will include scholars from around the globe exploring the social and environmental impact of...
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Northern Hemisphere ice may disappear: Catherine O’Reilly part of international study

Catherine O’Reilly is one of the lead authors of a new international study showing lake ice in the Northern Hemisphere is vanishing due to climate change.
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John Wesley Powell artifacts travel home to Utah from Illinois State University

Dave Malone and Paul Meister of the Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment contributed to the John Wesley Powell legacy by coordinating the transfer of items to the Natural History...