View of Mount Merbabu in Indonesia.

The Q&A with Shelby Putt: Piecing together human evolution and communication through stone tools

This issue's Q&A is with Dr. Shelby Putt, a biological anthropologist, in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.
head shots of nine students

Stevenson Center welcomes new Fellows to a semester like no other

Another academic year has started, and with it the Stevenson Center introduces a new group of Fellows. Although a new group of Fellows with a wealth and variety of experiences arrives every year...
Schroeder Hall

Research Series featuring childhood rebellion, September 11

The Sociology and Anthropology Department with Dr. Aaron Pitluck will host the first of their Research Series this year.
headshot of Triston Brown

Multicultural Outreach Team’s Student Spotlight: Triston Brown

Triston Brown, a second-year graduate student studying cultural anthropology, wears many hats on Illinois State’s campus. 
group photo

Embracing challenges: My beginnings in the Peace Corps

Peace Corps. For a lot of people, especially those who've already served, it means a lot. I've always heard former volunteers use words like "amazing," "cathartic," and "life-changing" to describe...
Ashley Tauber feeding a baby wren

#RedbirdScholar students use grants to spend summer researching

This summer, 27 students received the new Undergraduate Research Support Program grant provided by the Office of Student Research. To honor the inaugural summer of the grant, we have featured five...
Natasha Moodie

Incoming Stevenson Center Fellow: Natasha Moodie

“I decided to pursue graduate school because my work in education felt reactive, not proactive,” said Natasha Moodie. The Stevenson Center will soon welcome Moodie as an Applied Community and...
McGowens outside

Incoming Stevenson Center Fellow: Kenyetta McGowens

The Stevenson Center center will soon welcome Kenyetta McGowens as an Applied Community and Economic Development Fellow in anthropology.
Craig Gatto and Craig C. McLauchlan

College thanks chairs and directors

The College of Arts and Sciences thanks Dr. Craig Gatto and Dr. Craig C. McLauchlan for their outstanding service.
Memorial in downtown Bloomington

Leading a call: Recent grad creates memorial altar for women of color killed by law enforcement

In summer 2016, a group called Black Feminist Future began a movement across the country building altars in response to police killings of black women and girls. Twenty-six of these memorials...