Dr. Abigail Stone creates new course analyzing pandemics

nts during a Zoom session for course Plagues, Pandemics, and People.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Dr. Abigail Stone was prepared to teach her typical lab course—where students study the archaeology of animal bones—until the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic disrupted her curriculum.

Living Well with Floods, October 15

Photo of Lake Bloomington from the Your Water, Your Future study.

The Center for a Sustainable Water Future is hosting an interdisciplinary, water-themed lecture series via Zoom. The first speaker, Dr. Caroline Gottschalk Druschke from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will discuss supporting freshwater systems.

Stevenson Center welcomes new Fellows to a semester like no other

head shots of nine students

Another academic year has started, and with it the Stevenson Center introduces a new group of Fellows. Although a new group of Fellows with a wealth and variety of experiences arrives every year from across the country, this group is having a semester like no other.