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Video: Redbird Katy Winge finds success beyond basketball

NORMAL — Katy Winge wanted to play college basketball, but she also wanted to be a regular college student.

That can be a difficult balance for Redbird student-athletes, who already have busy schedules between classes, practices, and games. It doesn’t leave much free time for student organizations and other activities.

But Winge found the time, and now she’s finding success on and off the court. Winge is majoring in marketing and broadcast journalism, giving her a unique blend of business and communication skills. She works at Illinois State’s TV-10 station, and she’s involved with other student organizations too.

The Minnesota native wanted to build her resume, skill set, and life experiences as much as she could before graduating. Along the way, she’s emerged as a leader on the Redbird women’s basketball team.

“I wanted to be a regular college student as much as I could,” Winge said. “As an athlete, that sometimes becomes your whole identity. My goal was to not have that happen.”

See more of Winge’s story in the video above.

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