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Redbird Esports group shot

Redbird Esports Overwatch off to hot start in year two

Since July, Redbird Esports has been on a tear, winning major tournaments against not just the top collegiate teams, but some of the best talent on the continent.

Chemistry Education major Julia Tortorici enjoys the first semester of her first year studying on the Quad.

Photo gallery: Redbirds back on campus (part 2)

This is the second post in a two-part photo series showcasing what fall semester has looked like on campus.

Flowers in front of Cook Hall

TikTok, body image, and eating concerns

While social media has made paved its way into our lives for good, new apps with new ways of connecting are popping up all the time. The latest and most widely used is TikTok with over 2.6 BILLION downloads. Like all social media apps- TikTok has its own set of pros and cons that contribute to users, body image and eating habits. While the app has proven for great entertainment and even a source of knowledge, the randomness of the app’s For You Page provides an outlet to unsolicited harmful content to those struggling with negative body image and eating disorders

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