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Exercise science grad helping people help themselves

Picture of Tina Serocke

Tina Serocke is an occupational therapist and exercise science graduate from ISU.

Tina Serocke ’08 chose to study exercise science because she enjoyed learning about the human body. However, earning her bachelor’s degree was only the start of what has become a satisfying career as an occupational therapist.

After taking a class on the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach (MFR), Serocke learned a special hands-on technique used to treat muscular pain and restore motion. She decided to pursue an occupational therapy degree from Midwestern University to treat clients using MFR and other therapeutic approaches in her own private practice.

Serocke’s clients, many of whom are between the ages of 30 and 60, seek her therapeutic services because they are in pain or are no longer able to do basic activities. As owner and therapist of Intuitive Body Therapies, Inc., Serocke begins by assessing the client to create an individualized treatment plan which may include MFR therapy, postural re-education, customized home exercise programs, ergonomics, and pain reduction strategies. Empowering clients with the tools to maintain the benefits achieved during therapy is an integral part of her treatment philosophy.

Serocke says that the most rewarding part of her work is when she sees her clients get up from the massage table and feel better. This may include improved posture, back and neck pain relief, easier breathing, relief from migraines and headaches, and better balance. She also takes satisfaction in seeing her clients follow her recommendations to help themselves improve.

During her time at Illinois State, Serocke commuted 120 miles round trip to campus each day from Savoy, IL. Even though she was an older student who spent a lot of time on the road, she loved her exercise science classes and professors and appreciated the comradery in the building. She felt accepted by her classmates and found it easy to talk to faculty. Her most cherished memory, though, was the day she graduated from Illinois State surrounded by her family.

If she could give advice to recent KNR alums, she would tell them to work hard and strive for their dreams.

“There might be road blocks that alter your course but strive for what you want,” Serocke said. “We all have different journeys in life, strive to shine your best self and be grateful for every day.”