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10 things every new Illinois State grad should know

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!  You have now joined the proud ranks of Illinois State University alumni—220,000 strong and growing. As Executive Director of Alumni Engagement Kris Harding, M.S. ’94, states in her message above, “Spring 2020 will likely be a semester that you will never forget,” and the Redbird alumni family continues to recognize your accomplishments, dedication, and perseverance now and into the future as #RedbirdProud alumni.

With that, the Alumni Association also wants to leave you with some quick tips on how to fully take advantage of your new status as a Redbird alum. Also be sure to complete this quick, new graduate survey to share what you will be doing now that you are an ISU 2020 graduate. So without further ado and in no particular order, here are the 10 things every new Illinois State grad should know.

Central Illinois Young Alumni

Central Illinois Young Alumni at a summer kickoff event.

Alumni Groups and Networks

Were you involved in a bunch of student groups on campus? Then stay involved as an alum too.

Illinois State alums have organized a long and growing list of affinity-based alumni networks, such as the young alumni networks in both Chicago and Central Illinois, Latinx Alumni Network, Black Colleagues Association, LGBTQA, and many college and department-based networks.

And if life takes you beyond Chicago and Bloomington-Normal, we have regional networks located all across the country! These alumni groups get together for Redbird Athletics games and watch parties, host special events, and raise money for student scholarships.

Keep learning after graduation for free

Learning never stops after you graduate. Your Alumni Association makes sure you can continue to grow and network no matter where you are in the world. Join the Illinois State online alumni book club where you will discuss topics covering lifelong learning topics or register for Illinois State Insights, free webinars and livestreams that cover a variety of professional and personal growth topics (with some even presented by alumni like you).

Don’t be a stranger

Don’t let Homecoming be the only time you visit campus each year. (Homecoming 2020 is October 19-25, by the way.) Come back to visit anytime, and stop at the Alumni Center first to meet the Alumni Engagement staff and get the latest info on campus events.

Looking for a job?

Illinois State’s Career Center isn’t just for students. The Career Center offers various services to alumni to provide you with additional job-hunting help.

Get your transcripts

Many employers will ask to see an official transcript before hiring. To order your transcript online, visit the Office of the University Registrar. Here you can learn more about transcript availability, how to read your transcript, and to be sure your transcript includes your degree.

Need insurance?

Insured graduating students who will not be enrolled in classes during the following term may continue coverage for one additional term. Insured full-time students graduating in May are eligible to purchase summer coverage by applying through until May 18. For more information on extending student insurance, contact Student Health Insurance.

Update your info

Good news: As an alum, you’re officially a subscriber to the award-winning alumni magazine, Illinois State, sent out three times a year. Next issue comes out in August, but we can’t mail it unless we have your new address. Update your contact information today to receive the magazine and other special invites to alumni events and resources. Also be sure to update your email (as your university email account will be deactivated one year after your graduation date) to receive university news updates and alumni event information.

Make a #RedbirdImpact

Illinois State University’s Alumni Association understands that the core values of the University do not stop after graduation. To align with the value of civic engagement, the month of June has been celebrated as #RedbirdImpact Month. Take some time to find a way you can make a difference. This could be making cards for a nursing home, making a donation to a food pantry, making a financial gift back to your alma mater, or paying it forward with random acts of kindness. Throughout June, be sure to post your services with #RedbirdImpact to show the world that Redbirds serve together.

You are #RedbirdProud

This one’s easy. Stay plugged into Illinois State campus life by following us on social media:

Check out the full list (and find your college or department) on our Social Media Directory.

Gear up

By now, you probably have no shortage of Illinois State T-shirts in your dresser. But as you join the working world, it’s time to spiff up your collection of Redbird gear and get some stuff you can actually wear to the office or display that well-deserved diploma. Here are just some of the places where you can buy Redbird gear:

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I enjoyed studying at Illinois State University. As a Graduate student , majoring in Information Systems and Technology, I liked the reading hours at Milner Library, the Computer Labs for research and projects and the walks through the Quad..

As this year’s President of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, I’d like to congratulate you on your graduation and welcome you to our great Alumni Association! Go Redbirds!!