The Institute of Education Sciences has recently published a report that includes data regarding principals’ perceptions of their own influence and decision-making in the school setting. The data was collected from the 2017-2018 school year and includes desegregation by activity and type of school. Activities that data was collected for include establishing curriculum, professional learning, hiring of new staff, and creating a budget for the school year. The two-page publication can be reviewed in its entirety here.

Authors Naomi Ondrasek and Adam K. Edgerton provide a synopsis of learned lessons for safely reopening schools as part of the Learning Policy Institute’s “Learning in the Time of COVID-19” blog series.

As part of theĀ COVID Education Equity Response Collaborative, WestEd is leading a year-long Equity Accelerator to support California County Offices of Education (COEs) in aligning their whole-child and whole-school efforts around a vision of racial equity. Read more about racial equity, student voices, and engaging students to achieve equity.