In a July 2021 Data Point, the Institue of Education Sciences highlights Teacher Preparation programs, preservice coursework, and meeting diverse learner needs. The data collection focuses on data collection regarding the preservice coursework teachers participated in and their perceptions of how well prepared they were to meet diverse learner needs. Read the two-page publication, Data Point, here.

Inside Higher Ed has recently discussed how the higher education industry has been impacted by the decline of federal funding. Read the article “The Number of Colleges Continues to Shrink.”

The Illinois Board of Higher Education has employment opportunities (IBHE) posted on our website. Check it out! 

Several of these openings would be ideal for individuals who are interested in education policy and systems work, especially the intersection of higher education with P-12 education. 

The Illinois Board of Higher Education has posted several position openings including:

  • Associate Director and a Fellowship to lead Learning Renewal initiatives
  • Project Director and Assistant Project Director to lead the development of the Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity
  • Deputy Director for Budget and Fiscal Affairs

Details on these and other positions are available on the IBHE website under About Us/Employment Opportunities. 

A bit about the Illinois Board of Higher Education: The IBHE has been supporting higher education in Illinois for more than 50 years. We are a dedicated team of professionals, overseen by a board appointed by the Governor, working for a strong, equitable higher education system, which we believe is essential for the state to thrive. We work with leaders in colleges, universities, state and federal government agencies, governors, legislators, and other entities to strategically further this mission.

The Illinois Board of Higher Education recently developed a statewide strategic plan for higher education that will help fulfill the vision that Illinois has a higher education ecosystem that ensures individuals, families, and communities across the state can thrive.  The board has identified three goals:

  1. Equity–Close equity gaps for students who have been left behind.
  2. Sustainability–Build a stronger financial future for individuals and institutions.
  3. Growth–Increase talent and innovation that drives economic growth.

IBHE is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce by ensuring all staff works in an environment of openness and acceptance. Striving to foster a community where people of all backgrounds, identities, and perspectives can feel secure and welcome. The well-being of each employee is valued as is creating a healthy place to work. As an equal opportunity employer, veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.