The Cultural Career Network Series allows students to hear from diverse alumni who recognize what it takes to succeed. This enlightening and powerful series addresses a variety of career topics to help students along their career journey. This year’s series features four events including Valentine for a Veteran, Equal Identities, EDI Employer Expo, and Success Looks Like Me.

Valentine for a Veteran

The spring program series kicks off with Valentine for a Veteran. During this program, a diverse panel of veterans will share how their military experience and transferable skills enhanced their career choices, navigation, and overall career success. They will also share how to showcase one’s skills and experiences on a resume, during interviews, and best practices for transitioning to careers and internships.

Usually, the veteran’s event takes place in November to coincide with Veterans Day, however, this year it will be held in February during Black History Month to express sincere appreciation for veterans and recognize African American leaders.

Equal Identities

The concept of equal identities means equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or gender. Therefore, the CCN Program Equal Identities will feature a guest speaker who will share their career journey and the challenges they faced during their educational efforts. Discover how they overcame adversity, found success in the workplace, and continued their education. Participants will also explore ways to identify inclusive organizations and how involvement activities help define who we are.

EDI Employer Expo

During the EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Employer Expo, participants will learn about the diversity initiatives that exist within a variety of organizations. Employers will assist students with analyzing their current network and identify how to broaden it by participating in internships and full-time employment opportunities and weighing industry options.

Success Looks Like Me

During Success Looks Like Me, alumni share their successes and challenges when they transitioned from college to career. Learn about the internships and practical experiences they had during college, their leadership roles and involvement activities, their first job(s) after graduation and how they landed them, and their continued education and professional development experiences. Get the real story of how they got to where they are today. 

This program is virtual so participants will have an opportunity to ask questions using the chat feature.

Connect with professionals by attending the CCN Series and discover what your career path can be like to build your future.

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