Matt Sears in graduation regalia in a hallway

Graduating Redbirds: Matt Sears is leaving ISU with 2 degrees and a wealth of memories

Two bachelor's degrees in six years have left Matt Sears ’20 well educated, well experienced, and full of memories.
Samiat Solebo on ISU's Quad in graduation cap and gown

Graduating Redbirds: Campus involvement leads to a passion for justice

Graduating Redbird Samiat Solebo is gearing up to use her education and experiences at Illinois State as a launching pad to fight injustice.
woman posed in cap and gown on the Quad

Graduating Redbirds: KNR student turns passion for helping those with intellectual disabilities into a career

Taylor Burlingame knows how to handle a challenge. When she graduates this week from Illinois State University’s School of Kinesiology and Recreation (KNR) with her bachelor’s degree in...
three students standing outside of the Bone Student Center

Graduating Redbirds: Mennonite College of Nursing students prepared to ‘make a difference’ in patients’ lives

Students graduating from the Mennonite College of Nursing are prepared to provide compassionate care as they enter the nursing profession.
Daisy Rodriguez

Graduating Redbirds: Student leader’s efforts make campus more accessible

Graduating Redbird Daisy Rodriguez wants to do her part to make the business world more accessible for all people, regardless of their background. Much of that drive came directly from the...
ISU graduate student helping young student in classroom

Graduating Redbirds: Graduate student helps visually impaired children through early intervention program

Illinois State graduate student Colleen Kickbush is fond of a line from the late Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood fame.
student at Commencement waving diploma

Career assistance available for graduating Redbirds and alumni

Discover how Career Services can assist you after graduation and beyond.
Allyse Barnowski photo in her graduation gown

Graduating Redbirds: Redbird Legacy student strives to make a difference in the fight against climate change

Graduating senior Allyse Barnowski had several schools to choose from when she graduated high school, but the Redbird experience of someone close to her led her to Illinois State.
three students posed on campus

Graduating Redbirds: Celebrating friendship to the power of three

Transfer Day means new everything, from school to living arrangements to peers, which all equates to a certain level of stress.
Portrait of Mauricio Serrato

Graduating Redbirds: Aspiring therapist’s desire to impact lives opens new doors

Graduating senior Mauricio Serrato chose to attend Illinois State because it was affordable, close to home, and a place he had heard great things about. What he didn’t know was that he would be...
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