Redbird Max Winston

Our Newest Redbirds: Video game enthusiast comes to ISU to create games of his own

Maxwell Winston has played video games from a lot of different eras and has seen everything the industry has to offer. Now the avid video game and software collector wants to create his own games...
Male student sitting on a bench

Our newest Redbirds: Air Force medic chooses ISU to follow his passion for nursing

Nick Hensley is confident that Illinois State University provides the right environment for him to make the transition from U.S. Air Force medic to nursing student this fall.
Three students stand in front of the Illinois State crest

Our Newest Redbirds: Mulatz triplets will continue to be teammates

It was rare that a board game ever saw its entirety at the Mulatz household.
Person with arms crossed standing on campus

Our Newest Redbirds: University community, coach’s kindness impress debate team member

Chris Chavez is proof that work ethic and common sense are qualities that know no age boundaries. He recently began his freshman year well-prepared for his new life as a college student. He had...
Lexi Turner is one of Illinois State's newest Redbirds.

Our Newest Redbirds: Transfer student realizes her true purpose in deaf education

Before transferring to Illinois State, Lexi Turner was an art major hoping to pursue a career teaching art. Then Turner realized her true purpose in life: She wanted to teach deaf children and...
Maylee Demling

Our newest Redbirds: Student from Hawaii trades the sun and surf for Illinois State

As a member of a military family, moving is second nature for incoming student Maylee Demling.
Enrique Rocha

Where are they now? Catching up with our Class of 2016 ‘Newest Redbirds’

Catch up with our Class of 2016's "Newest Redbirds."
Student on Quad

Our newest Redbirds: Criminal justice sciences major wants to be part of the solution

Tony Davenport has a unique perspective when he listens to the ongoing conversations asking for change in law enforcement practices. He is a proud young Black man who wants to see solutions to...
The Baker twins performing with Chicago's CircEsteem.

Our newest Redbirds: Identical twins ready for Gamma Phi Circus

Identical twins Julia and Sophie Baker have been surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Chicago for their entire lives. After having an hourlong commute to their high school, the twins are ready...
Freshman Redbird Sam Carroll

Our newest Redbirds: Exceptional esports athlete makes ISU his home

When Sam Carroll wasn’t seeking athletic scholarships, he was quietly becoming one of the best players in the world at Rocket League.
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