Congratulations to our dedicated Civil Service staff for reaching these important milestones in their careers at Illinois State University, and thanks for all your hard work.

30 years

James A. Caselton, Milner Library

25 years

Tracey Delories Chandler, Janitorial

Stephen Vanaman Hopkins, Client Services

Eric John Lutz, University Police Department

Gwendolyn Delores Perry, Janitorial

20 years

Stacy L. Albright, Languages Literatures & Cultures

David Anthony Ambrose, Comptroller’s Office

Timoteo D. Asis, Parking and Transportation

Kathleen D. Webster, Financial Aid Office

15 years

Robert F. Burns, Parking and Transportation

Christopher Corso, Analytics Insight Management

Rebecca Ellen Fisher, School of Art

Leann M. Hammond, Janitorial

Paul W. Hart, Janitorial

Adam Cody Key, Janitorial

Silvia O. Miramontes, Janitorial

Guadalupe Nieto, Janitorial

Sandra R. Schmeusser-Smith, Superintendence

Eric J. Short, Building Maintenance

Lillie Wong Stufflebeam, Dining Services

Lisa Sue Swan, Registrar

Jason W. Taylor, School of Communication

Margaret I. Volk, University Housing Services

Kevin Girard Wiand, Dean of Education

10 years

Maximes Mputu Bekofe, Janitorial

Kelli Ann Brown, Janitorial

Robert J. Campbell, Janitorial

Cheryl I. Collins, Janitorial

Leticia Marie Dreyer, Janitorial

Todd E. Eddy, Center for Math Science & Technology

Jessica L. Heiden, Administrative Technologies

Demetria L. Henderson, Janitorial

Eva Hurth, Health Services

Robert Eugene Huskins, Janitorial

Richard Steven Marr, Building Maintenance

Nkuthi Mita Matundu, Janitorial

Lawrence K. Maxhimer, Building Maintenance

Angela M. Mitchell, Janitorial

Dwayne P. Moore, Janitorial

William S. Russell, Building Maintenance

John W. Schmidgall, Janitorial

Kyle Thomas Vann, Dining Services

Janice L. Walden, Janitorial

Marc Leroi Welch, Janitorial

Jason W. West, Janitorial

John A. Winston, Janitorial