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Distinguished Alum Donald McHenry ’57
A voice for the nation: Alumnus Donald McHenry has made history as the man who successfully negotiated international disputes while serving as the U.S. ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Volume 22 • Number 2 • Fall 2021

Distinguished Alum Donald McHenry ’57 sitting in a recliner in an office

Word and deed: Diplomat and Distinguished Alum Donald McHenry shines on world stage

Illinois State University Distinguished Alum Donald McHenry ’57 never worked for the president who said “Speak softly but carry a big stick.”

Doug Collins playing basketball for ISU

Doug Collins: The man behind the court at Redbird Arena

The court at Redbird Arena may not bear Doug Collins’ name without a fateful decision to stay on for his senior year at Illinois State University.

Digital watercolor painting of campus and students walking through the Jesse Fell gates

Welcomed without worry: Transfer students embraced at ISU

Something very subtle and successful has happened in the Office of Admissions. Staff have implemented academic policies, created a system of partnerships, and established an outreach plan so effective that enrollment has shifted. Today one in three students attending ISU is a transfer.

Cybersecurity maze

Solving complex crimes: Cybersecurity grads fight global threat

Illinois State University’s cybersecurity program is preparing the next generation of specialists to fight cybercrime.

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Distinguished Alum Donald McHenry ’57 sitting in a recliner in an office

Fall 2021

Volume 22 • Number 2 • Fall 2021

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Summer 2021

Volume 22 • Number 1 • Summer 2021

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Spring 2021

Volume 21 • Number 3 • Spring 2021

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