image of Ali Riaz

Reactions video: Riaz on Iran deal

Ali Riaz, professor and chair of the Department of Politics and Government at Illinois State University, calls the new Iran deal a good beginning, but with many roadblocks ahead.
GOP candidates

Reactions: Republican debate

Carl Palmer, assistant professor of the Department of Politics and Government, weighs in on the first presidential debate of the 2016 season.
Postcard featuring an illustration of Old Main

HIS 395 students help make four new Archives collections available for research

Students from the HIS 395 Archives & Manuscripts course helped add to the understanding of Illinois State's history by processing thousands of documents in the University Archives.
Christina Pierce, Yamato Hiromatsu, and Carlos Parodi

Adventure learning in Peru

During the 30-day experience, students interact with government officials, community leaders, organizations, and Peruvian citizens from all socioeconomic classes.
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Research and Honors

Learn about Campus Recreation's marketing awards, celebrate the University's award-winning Model U.N. and more.
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Reactions: Indiana religious freedom law different in its intent

A national backlash erupted after the Indiana legislature recently passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA. Gov. Mike Pence has promised to clarify the act. Assistant Professor of...
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Palmer gives idea of 2016 Presidential election

With the anticipated decision this week of Hillary Rodham Clinton on a presidential bid in 2016, Assistant Professor of Politics Carl Palmer weighs in on how this political season might shape up.
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The Taliban attack: Message Pakistan and the world can’t ignore

Illinois State University’s Professor and Chair of the Department of Politics and Government Ali Riaz is the author of Bhoyer Sangaskriti (The Culture of Fear: Political Economy of Terror and...
Arafat Kabir

Meet the student who traveled the farthest to attend Illinois State

Arafat Kabir's direction changed to becoming a writer on global politics and foreign policy, and that’s how he became the student who traveled the farthest this year to attend Illinois State...
jacob beier

Alum acts as taxpayer watchdog in final days of US war in Afghanistan

A Department of Politics and Government alum is getting a close-up view of momentous changes in Afghanistan as the United States military plans to leave the country by the end of 2014 after 13...