Brittany Ziller leans over patient simulator

Back to school: Student goes the distance to earn nursing degree

Not only has Brittany Ziller handled the intensity of classes and clinicals, she traveled to the University of Brighton in England last May, shadowing midwives as part of the Transcultural Nursing...
Diane Spatz at MCN Lectureship

Creating a forum for expert voices in nursing

The donor who created the the Marion McDowell Stafford Lectureship Series was from Central Illinois and took a special interest in programs benefiting children and families.
Jenny and Lynn look at SimBaby

Video: Mennonite College of Nursing’s new SimBaby has 200+ parents

The $50,000 high-tech patient simulator helps Mennonite College of Nursing students learn how to care for a sick infant in a safe environment while supervised by their faculty mentors.

Nursing students travel to Brazil, England, Russia for Transcultural Experiences

Mennonite College of Nursing has a history of association with groups who care for and serve people in need throughout the world.
MCN Students at Airport

Nursing students visiting Brazil for transcultural experience

The following journal entries, written by Mennonite College of Nursing students, offer a detailed glimpse into their experiences on a transcultural trip to Brazil.

MCN students visit Brazil for experiential learning trip

Mennonite College of Nursing at ISU is embarking on a new transcultural nursing adventure to Universidad Estaduel de Londrina (UEL) in south central Brazil