Scholarship student advocates for Deaf community

Tony Nicolalde

Tony Nicolalde has to pause a Zoom meeting to help his mom make an appointment. That’s because he is hearing and his parents, both immigrants from Ecuador, are Deaf. Nicolalde is a pro at straddling dual identities. He is hearing and Child of a Deaf Adult (CODA). A first-generation American of Latino heritage, he is fluent in Spanish, English, and American Sign Language (ASL).

Scholarship fuels app development

The Hany family from left to right: Grace, Matthew, Kirsten, and Phillip.

Kirsten Hany ’03, M.S. ’14, is like many Illinois State students as she juggles work, family, and courses in the midst of a pandemic. Hany is a full-time teacher at University High School in the Social Science Department, a part-time professor for the College of Education, and mom to Grace (age 14) and Phillip (age 12). Hany’s desire to create a welcoming and inclusive classroom for her students pushed her to pursue a doctoral degree focused on trauma informed practices in secondary classrooms. She employs an intersectional framework, meaning she seeks to understand how the intersection of students’ most salient identities influences how they experience and process trauma.

Pause for applause

Brandon Thornton in his classroom

Pause to applaud these accomplished Illinois State University alumni.

Inspiring future educators

Jerry Barrio

Gerardo (Jerry) Barrio ’98, MS Ed ’00, stresses a team atmosphere to his students. These collaborative efforts have left a lasting impression on his students, who recently nominated him for the Illinois State Board of Education’s (ISBE) Teacher of the Year.