Student’s research flowers at Horticulture Center

Illinois State student Katherine Robinson designed the rainbow garden at the Horticulture Center.

Katherine Robinson’s bedroom is lined with a bunch of green houseplants. “I think green plants are cool because I feel like they’re often overlooked. Green is a symbol of life, verdancy, and growth. The human eye can perceive more hues of green than any other color, which I think is cool.” Robinson, a senior horticulture

ISU biology students continue prairie research for international study

Dr. Diane Byers, Jackson Edwards, and Justin Howard at the Horticulture Center

The ability to adapt to change is integral to success in turbulent times. After years of working in the advertising industry in Las Vegas, Jackson Edwards has returned home to start a new career. The Bloomington native now studies conservation biology at Illinois State and researches soil and plant diversity under Dr. Diane Byers, associate professor of Evolutionary Ecology.

They rock: Students update Horticulture Center garden

Student planting in Horticulture Center garden

Looking at the bright yellow fist-sized blooms of marigolds, Katie Robinson said she was happy. Happy? She was in the second week of classes kneeling in the dirt, in the middle of a heat wave. But the senior horticulture major was right where she wanted to be.