In service to others: ROTC, COB alum a leader in two career fields

ROTC members on a stage

Mark Jackson ’87 has made a career of the unexpected; in fact, he’s made two. After graduating from Illinois State University’s College of Business with a degree in finance, Jackson had no plans for a career in the military or law enforcement, but both professions turned out to be prominent in his life story.

Graduating Redbirds: Veteran and family man maintained perfect GPA at age 48

student in cap and gown

Nontraditional student. Definitions of that term vary, but most interpretations include factors like age, work and family commitments, among others. Illinois State University even offers orientation days tailored for those who fit the category. Maybe the real defining characteristic is that nontraditional students have multiple, interesting layers that add to campus life. That could be said of Walter Reeves, who is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice sciences at the age of 48.

Healing on a high note

Artist's representation of Brett Gillan in front of Nashville skyline.

Brett Gillan ’02, MBA ’08 talks about his experience at Illinois State and how it formed a unique path for his future.