On August 21, 2001 the Department of Special Education at Illinois State University
received permission from the Illinois Board of Higher Education to establish the Special
Education Assistive Technology Center on the Illinois State University campus. This Center has
a training, research, and service mission and involves faculty and students from multiple
academic departments and disciplines. The Center’s long-term goals are to:
 Teach preservice and practicing professionals the skills they need to meet the
technological needs of people with disabilities through practical, “hands-on”,
performance-based training.
 Expand knowledge of ways in which technology can be used to enhance the quality of
life of persons with disabilities (including enhanced learning opportunities) through
applied research.
 Disseminate information about how technologies can help people with disabilities so that
a wide range of professionals become aware of the potential benefits and uses of assistive
and instructional devices.   Read More of 2002AnnualReport