In another year or two, alumni returning to Normal and heading from campus down to Pub II or the Coffeehouse might be really surprised at what they find along the way!

Currently, the Town of Normal is working with professional consultants, businesses, citizens, and University officials to plan and implement a major renovation of the downtown area including Beaufort and North streets between Broadway and Linden. While alumni may understandably mourn the loss of a few long-time hangouts — Rocky’s (Josie’s), Shanigan’s (Chuck’s Deli), and The Gallery — future generations of students, parents, and visiting alumni can look forward to a downtown complete with a multi-modal transportation center including high-speed rail, a hotel/conference center, new shops and a museum. Other businesses will be encouraged to get “face lifts” to make downtown Normal as pleasant as possible.

For details, check out the Town of Normal Web site at and click on “Downtown Renewal Plan.”