This will become a regular feature of the E-LUMNI NEWS. . . your opportunity to ask a question and get an answer. We’re looking for items that you think may be of interest to ALL alumni who read this (and we’ll try to answer individual queries as well). To begin, we’ll provide a couple of samples:

QUESTION: Some time ago I filled out a survey for an alumni directory and sent in my order for one of the books and CD-ROMs. I haven’t received anything yet. What gives?
– Jane Q. Alumna, Bedford Falls, Illinois

ANSWER: This one’s easy for us to answer, Jane. After a lot of hard work entering all the data you and most of your fellow 148,426 alumni sent us, we sent the data off to our publishing company in mid-October. The book and CD-ROM are in production and should be delivered in February.
Thanks, alumni, for the great response!

QUESTION: How do I get a copy of my transcript?
– John Alumnus, West Suburb, Illinois

ANSWER: A great question, John — one we get quite often! Fortunately the Registrar’s office provides an excellent summary explanation on their Web site, and we’ve made it a regular link on the Alumni Services site.

Check it out at