You are planning to come back to campus for Homecoming on October 23rd, aren’t you? There’s a little something for everyone the entire week of October 18-23. If it’s been a few years (or more than a few!) since you’ve been back and you’ve been thinking about it, here’s a great idea: Go to the Alumni Web site and send our special Homecoming 2004 Web postcard to a college friend and invite him/her to meet you for Homecoming!

If you’ve already registered with the Web site, you can go directly to the Web Postcards page and enter your user name and password. If this will be your first visit, start at First Time Users to get your user name and password.

If you haven’t thought about someone from your college days for a while and would like to reconnect, you might be able to locate and e-mail him or her through the Alumni Online Directory. If you’re not registered, you might want to update your personal profile soon – just in case someone else is looking for you!

For more information on all activities campus-wide at Homecoming 2004, see the Homecoming Web site: Alumni-specific activities are available from the Alumni Web site.