Illinois State University students have become accustomed to using the fall, spring and summer editions of the class registration directories to view course offerings and other necessary information to register for classes.

Starting in March, the daily updated course offerings will only be available on-line through the iCampus portal.  The University is exploring various methods for the general public to access the course listings, with the intention of finalizing those methods prior to March advance registration.

In the past, as students registered and courses filled, the class registration directories quickly became outdated.  In recent years, students have had the additional choice of viewing course offerings through the iCampus portal, which is updated daily, and referring to the University Registrar’s Web site for information on how to register, course repeat policy, course withdrawal deadlines and other pertinent information. In the interests of accuracy and immediacy, persons wishing to enroll in classes will use the iCampus portal and the University Registrar’s Web site to access up-to-date registration information.

For more information about the paperless process, contact the Student Service and Referral Center at (309) 438-2188.