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SEAT Center’s online module used with over one million students

(October 23, 2006) The SEAT Center collaborated to provide an online training module, “Technology Supports for Struggling Writers,” to Houston, Texas-based Region 4 Education Service Center. With over 1 million students and nearly 75,000 educators, the Region 4 Education Service Center has the largest student population of 20 state service centers established by the Texas Legislature to provide school districts with professional development and technical assistance programs.

SEAT Center personnel presented content based on work emerging from a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education, “National Assistive Technology Coalition,” and a Tech in the Works grant from the National Center for Technology Innovation, “Documenting the Impact of SOLO on Writing Outcomes.”

For more information, including information on how you can bring this training to your educational organization, please e-mail the SEAT center.