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Full-membership Status Granted to CUIBE

The Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE) recently granted full membership status to the College of Business at Illinois State University. According to Iris Varner, Director of the International Business Program at ISU, the CUIBE is comprised of nationally recognized international business programs from across the United States. Together they strive to improve delivery of educational programs that will develop the appropriate skills and knowledge necessary for graduates to function effectively in a global business environment. Through research, publications, and seminars, the CUIBE distributes its wealth of knowledge to each other as well as the broader teaching community. CUIBE Schools include:

“Having the only IB major at a public university in Illinois puts us in a leadership position and signals that we take all aspects of globalization and international business seriously,” said Varner. “Through our membership in CUIBE and by being a signatory to the United Nations-sponsored Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), we impress upon our students and graduates, the future business leaders in the country, the importance of ethical behavior. Furthermore, we let the world know that we are committed to integrating social responsibility into all our teachings. We are fostering intercultural understanding through international exchange programs and the study of different business models. “