An Alumni Spotlight by Student Writer Colette Kuk

Just a short time ago Dane Ramirez was a student at ISU and working at Four Seasons gym.  Day in and day out he checked people in at the front desk.  It was not exactly a job he envisioned as a major career launch.  But one fall day in 2007 Dane met Pam, a member at the gym, who asked him about the protocol for hanging up a flyer at the club.  After Dane explained, she asked for his opinion of the flyer.  Enter Mr. Marketing.  “I told her the flyer was kind of boring and not very visually stimulating.”

The next couple of times Pam came in she chatted with Dane about marketing. One day she asked, “Do you know who I am?” He was clueless. Ironically, Pam turned out to be Pam El, Vice President of Marketing at State Farm!

When Pam asked Dane what he was doing besides working at the gym and he told her he was interning at COUNTRY Financial. After learning he was working at a competing company Pam decided she needed Dane at State Farm, and told him to apply for an internship….  Read more about Dane Ramirez.

3 thoughts on “Front Desk Clerk to Corporate Work – Dane Ramirez

  1. Holly Bowen says:

    I think this story is very important and it gives all students hope in the bad economy.

  2. I think this is great. Someone so involved with the College of Business and with the right skills set, the right attitude, and most of all his support to help someone in need paid off. Good luck Dane and other COB students!

  3. Heather Harper says:

    Way to go Dane! Very inspiring.