The campus landscape has changed with the demolition of Cardinal Court. The 1950s apartment complex was removed to make way for a public-private housing initiative, which will provide 800 beds, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, and study space.

“This is an important first for Illinois State University as we create new partnerships to continue to provide attractive, modern, and cost-effective living spaces for our students,” President Al Bowman said.

The apartments are needed because the University will lose more than 1,500 beds with the closure of Atkin-Colby and Hamilton-Whitten residence halls at the end of this academic year. The University will manage the $59.1 million complex, which will open in August of 2012.

4 thoughts on “Cardinal Court taking form

  1. Chuck Lundquist says:

    First I’ve heard about Atkin-Colby and Hamilton-Whitten being closed. Why are they closing? Are they going to be razed?


    1. Annette Vaughan says:

      Chuck–You are correct, the buildings are being closed as student housing.

      Beginning in fall 2012, Atkin/Colby and Hamilton/Whitten will be decommissioned. A new law requires sprinkler systems to be installed in the buildings. There are no plans to perform this maintenance and the buildings will no longer be used for student housing.

      At this time, there are no plans to raze the buildings and how the space will be used is still being determined.

  2. Mabra H. Barge says:

    I lived in Cardinal Court as a married student from 1960-1962. Where do current married students live? Is there separate housing for them? The old Cardinal Court was next to University Farm. Is there still a farm for the Ag. students?
    Mabra Hebert Martin Barge
    ISU Class of 1961
    September 28, 2011

    1. Annette Vaughan says:

      Mabra, our married students live in Shelbourne Apartments. We do still have a farm — it is now located in Lexington, Il — just a short drive from campus.