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Replacement diplomas easy to obtain


There’s something special about displaying your degree in a professional or personal setting. The University Registrar can help alumni showcase their ISU pride by replacing lost or damaged diplomas.

To obtain a replacement diploma or diploma cover, download the request form at or write a letter of request to Illinois State University, Evaluation Services, Campus Box 2202,
Normal, IL, 61790-2202. Diplomas can be replaced at a cost of $12, and a diploma cover can be replaced for $4.

Please provide the quantity of diplomas or diploma covers desired, as well as the current name, name to be printed on the diploma, University Identification Number or date of birth, date of graduation, mailing address, email address, and phone number. Your signature is required to release your diploma.

Due to the danger of identity theft, persons who wish to change their first, middle, or last name on their diploma must provide a copy of their marriage license, a court order, or a dissolution decree certifying their name change. Please send a copy of one of these documents with your request.

Payment can be made by credit card by completing the box on the request form, or by check or money order payable to Illinois State University.