Originally posted at the College of Business

Rob Cho ’04 is assistant vice president, Portfolio Management at Waterton Associates and the 2,000th member to join the Illinois State University College of Business Alumni Network. This finance graduate, who previously held positions of increasing responsibility at Freddie Mac, knows the value of engaging with fellow graduates. Cho recently shared these thoughts on the power of networking and COBAN…

Networking has always been a key component of success in the business marketplace. Having connections, both internally and externally, is essential in career advancement, job placement, and professional recognition. As technology advances, the tools for networking also advance. The advantage to all ends of the connection is that the exchange of information has become almost immediate and automated. I have the privilege and benefit of networking everyday as part of my job. Not only do I get to meet new people and keep up with old friends, but I am consistently honing my networking skills.

With regards to COBAN, I think the benefits speak for themselves. The LinkedIn group is such a great way for alumni of the ISU Business program to reconnect and learn more about each other. Who doesn’t sit and wonder, from time to time, how their old classmates have been or where they are working today? You may even discover that your old study pal is actually working down the street from you…or even a few floors up in the same building. In addition, I think that having a convenient place for alumni to voice their ideas, opinions, and news will help this group grow. And of course, I will keep checking back to know when the next alumni reunion event will be held!

Cho’s comments emphasize once again the value of taking active, but simple steps to build and maintain our connections.