One of the most memorable aspects of the Illinois State University experience is the opportunity to connect with faculty and staff who become mentors and friends. Alumni from all generations can remember someone from campus who invested in their future and made a difference in their life.

Reconnecting with that person is a thrill for all involved. Let the Illinois State staff help you do just that through the magazine’s Where Are They Now column. If there is someone you would like to find, just submit the request to Susan Blystone at, call (309) 438-2667, or mail to 1101 N. Main Street, Normal, IL 61790.

12 thoughts on “Wondering about a professor or mentor?

  1. Rebecca Russow says:

    if you know the whereabouts of Ken Holder who taught art classes in the late 60’s/early 70’s when I was an art student at ISU, I’d love to have his contact info in order to thank him.

    1. Julie Johnson says:

      I graduated from ISU’s School of Art and now have the pleasure of teaching there. I know Ken and see him around town from time to time. He is also on Facebook. If you have trouble contacting him through Facebook, contact me and I will send you info through email.

  2. Sally Hewlett says:

    Ken Holder lives in Bloomington and is also on Facebook.

  3. Michael Richards says:

    Does anyone know where Dr.Robert Hunt and his wife Susan might be? I had Dr. Hunt for poly sci courses and his wife for speech classes in the 70’s. Thank you

  4. Richard Forrest says:

    When did Milt Wisebecker pass away? And from what? Also do you know where Dr. Weller (Coach Weller-coached track in 1965) went?

  5. F. Gale Meseke says:

    Dr. E. A. Reitan and Dr. Mark Plummer were two great instructors. I would like to know what they are doing now.

  6. Jack L. Gaither says:

    I am wondering about Dr. Earl Reitan an Dr. Cavanagh both of whom were very helpful in helping me make it through both a BS and MS at ISU some 48 years ago.

  7. Sandy Miller (MM '82) Radvanyi says:

    I’m looking for my grad school voice teacher David Little who is also an ISU music graduate. I’m also wondering about Dr. Don Armstrong, cormer choral director at ISU.

  8. Sheila Caskey says:

    Would love to know how Betty Keough is doing. She was my teacher and mentor and responsible for my finding my muse.

  9. steve lammle says:

    Need to know if Niami
    Towner is still in the area. She was my mentor and friend during my years in the Art Dept.(1962-65) Can you help locate this fine lady for me? Thank you,

  10. Dr. Max Rennls says:

    Dr. Max ,was the director of doctor program in art dep. at ISU .He was my adviser ,He is one of great educator at ISU .I knew that he is Thailand but I do not know his address or his Email.

  11. John Rehmer says:

    I remember G. Ben Paxton, who taught mass communication and was the sponsor for WGLT/WILN back in the early ’70’s. I have no idea if he is still around, but I remember him as being a good teacher and sponsor.