The campus community works to connect with students so that they never feel like just another name on the roster. Illinois State students consistently praise the personal attention they receive from faculty and staff.

The connection with alumni is just as valued, which is one reason the Alumni Relations office circulates an alumni attitude survey. First done in 2008 and repeated last year, the email survey lets graduates reflect on their collegiate experience and share their ISU perceptions.

More than 4,000 alumni from all colleges and across the country replied to the 2011 questionnaire. Graduates from the World War II era to present day provided insights that will help the campus better serve alumni.

One message conveyed is that alumni are eager to hear how the value of an Illinois State degree increases with growing respect for the University’s programs. Graduates are equally interested in student accomplishments. The Alumni Relations staff communicates both through this publication, Illinois State, which will continue to be available in print and online. Alumni stated both formats are appreciated.

Because many graduates do prefer technology to print, Alumni Relations is increasingly expanding the University’s Web presence. Graduates can connect through Facebook or Twitter. They can use the Internet to be involved despite their distance from campus. Alumni unable to get back for Homecoming last fall could watch the parade live online. There are multiple services available, including opportunities for professional networking through the Career Center and LinkedIn.

While much has changed on campus over time, the personal touch remains a priority. That’s why each survey response is sincerely appreciated. If you were not included in the sample and have feedback you would like to provide, please call (309) 438-2586.