Head Coach Mark Kingston and the Illinois State baseball team are hoping to cut down and eliminate childhood cancer, and they are putting their hair on the line to prove it, as the Redbirds will host Basebald Day on May 6 against Southern Illinois at Duffy Bass Field. The team’s goal is raise $5,000 in donations for the Basebald Foundation which funds grants and research for childhood cancer. If the team meets its goal, the entire team, including all coaches, will shave their heads on the Duffy Bass Field after the game. The community can get involved by attending the game, making a donation, and helping spread the word about this cause. Local salons and barbers will be on hand to provide the shaving. But, if supporters want to have the first “swipe” at the shaving there’s an opportunity for that too! A donation of $100 earns someone an opportunity to shave a player’s head, $500 for an assistant coach, and $1,000 if someone wants to shave Mark Kingston’s head. For more information about this special event and special cause, or to donate, please visit:  www.stbaldricks.org/events/redbirdbaseball.

One thought on “Support the cause and be a part of Basebald Day

  1. Amy Au says:

    I am currently working with State Representative Sandy Cole on an Illinois Gold Ribbon License Plate with money generated going to childhood cancer research. Below is a link to a petition I have created if you would like please sign and pass along to others. I will send to Representative Cole so we can help find a cure for childhood cancer.


    Thank you for your help!
    Amy Au