Need help finding a job? Would you like a career expert to critique your resume? Interested in attending career fairs? Trying to decide whether to pursue graduate school? The Career Center can assist you with all of your job-searching needs!

  • Career fairs and events: The Career Center hosts a variety of career events throughout the school year. Recent graduates and alumni are all welcome to attend and network with employers! Please see the Career Fairs and Events page for more information.
  • One-on-one career advisement: The Career Center wants to help you develop and implement your career goals. Career advisors may also help you develop a concrete career plan, utilize self-assessment tools, write your resume, and prepare for interviews.
  • Job search assistance: The Career Center wants to help alumni attain the right position related to your career goals. Check out Preparing for Interviews to learn how to research, prepare, and follow up on your interviews!
  • Resume and cover letter critiques: Start your career search off on the right foot! The Career Center offers resume and cover letter critiques, networking advice, and information about transferable skills within your major. Check out the Career Resource Guide for more information.
  • Mock interviews: Help develop your interview skills! Contact the Career Center about its variety of mock interviews to help build your interviewing confidence.