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Former Redbird student-athletes can reconnect through RB4L program

For years, the Illinois State Varsity I Club served as a common bond between all former Redbird student-athletes and made them a part of the athletic department for their entire lives. With that idea in mind, Illinois State Athletics recently rebranded this exclusive club the Redbird For Life Club or RB4L Club.

The group’s mission is to foster a closer association among all former athletes who represented Illinois State in intercollegiate athletics and to provide opportunities for fellowship for RB4L members through a variety of activities. The club will also seek to keep members connected with former teammates and coaches and with the current programs and student athletes.

As part of the new direction of the program, new members will receive a RB4L Membership Card at their Senior Awards Banquet, and existing members will receive their cards as information is updated and confirmed. Personalized cards will have the member’s name on the front and the words to the University fight song on the back. The cards can be carried in a wallet or purse to indicate membership for years to come.

For more information on the RB4L Club or to update contact information, click on the RB4L page under the “inside athletics” tab on or call (309) 438-5455.