Dick and Joyce Baley have been fans of Illinois State Athletics for decades.

During halftime of the MVC women’s basketball championship game, STATEside spoke with Dick and Joyce Baley, and Janet Turner (Janet’s husband, Jim, was not available during the interview)–all longtime Redbird fans. These four friends have been following the Redbirds for years, no matter where they go or what sport they’re playing! They gave STATEside their perspective on the tournament experience.

STATEside: How long have you followed Illinois State Athletics?

Dick Baley: Joyce and I have been following the Redbirds since we moved to the area in 1965.

STATEside: Are you exclusively basketball fans or do you have other favorites?

Janet Turner: My husband, Jim, and I love ISU sports. We follow all of them. We have had more enjoyment from ISU Athletics than we could ever describe.

Dick Baley: We attend everything. Last weekend we were at the men’s tournament, this weekend we’re here. We also follow the teams when they head to the NCAA. Joyce and I hold season tickets and are fans of volleyball, basketball, baseball–really all of them.

STATEside: What is something that people might not know about the tournament experience?

Janet Turner: There is a lot of closeness between the fans. We all like each other, and we all know each other. We are a family.

Joyce Baley: It’s much more enjoyable to see it in person. It’s just fun!

STATEside: What do you think of the team’s performance so far?

Dick Baley: Fantastic game. Very exciting. Very fast.

Joyce Baley: Our girls are playing wonderfully.

STATEside: What do we need to see happen in the second half?

Janet Turner: We need to see our girls do better on defense. All of the Wichita girls are good shooters. Maybe a little luck too!

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